Blog 5/23/2021

What is Burnout?

WHAT IS BURNOUT?  Psychologists say that burnout is related to chronic stress. It’s generally made up of the following components: physical tiredness; emotional exhaustion; cynicism and detachment; lower self-esteem; a decreased sense of accomplishment; less passion in life. But you don't have to have all of these to be experiencing burnout. The scariest thing about burnout is that it eventually becomes your new operating reality and leads to negative self-fulfilling prophecies. Harvard has shown that 75% of job success is directly related to optimism levels.  Without optimism, you will have less Hope, Focus, Passion, Creativity, Innovation, and reduced decision-making skills.  All of these are a recipe for disaster. Also, it’s important to know that burnout is not just related to work. It can happen in all areas of life.

Award 1/4/2021

Matrix Recognized by Manage HR Magazine as a Top 10 Leadership Development Organization

Matrix Achievement Group - Inspire Learners to Drive Results

Todd Zaugg—author, consultant, entrepreneur, award-winning innovator, and trainer of over 48,000 people—has an interesting take on management development. He says, "Shockingly, we can land a robot on a moving asteroid millions of miles away from the earth, yet 90 percent of businesses are struggling to solve problems that prevent their leaders from driving performance while retaining top talent." Management development helps businesses gain a competitive advantage in the market by: improving the bottom line; attracting, developing, and retaining talent; driving strategy execution; and navigating change efficiently. It is these very characteristics that make management development a top priority, yet many organizations struggle with how to deliver meaningful and actionable management development. Zaugg’s firm, Matrix Achievement Group (MAG), a boutique, global multimillion-dollar management development firm he founded in 2001, has successfully thrived in this environment because of their unique tools for remote development, reinforcement, and architecting positive mindsets. 

Award 6/11/2020

Matrix Achievement Group Earns 2020 LTEN Excellence Award for Partner Innovation

Memphis, Tenn. (June 11, 2020) – The Matrix team was honored this week at the 6th Annual LTEN (Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network) in the category of Provider Partner of Innovation (training supplier companies (“providers”).  

The award received was for an Industry Excellence Innovation Award related to our MX® remote development platform. “We are grateful to our clients for helping us be recognized as a winner in this national competition. We feel that this recognition is commensurate with our client utilization averaging an ROI of $162ml.” 

News 5/8/2020

Matrix Announces Industry Recognition for Innovation in Remote Development



Matrix Announces Industry Recognition for Innovation in Remote Development

Memphis, Tenn. (May 8, 2020) – The Matrix team is proud to share that LTEN, the Leading Life Sciences Networking Body, has announced Matrix Achievement Group as a finalist for an Industry Excellence Innovation Award related to its MX® remote development platform. “We are grateful to our clients for helping us be recognized as a finalist in this national competition. We feel that this recognition is commensurate with our client utilization averaging an ROI of $162ml.” 

Blog 4/30/2020

Aftershock: Are Med Device Sales Teams Ready?

By the time you say “new normal”, the new normal is already outdated.  Covid-19 has been and will be a catalyst for compressing long-awaited commercialization and operational playbook strategies that were designed for maturing market realities. Under the real challenges as well as the guise, buyers and sellers will adopt opportunistic strategies (e.g. seller organizations will reduce or expand certain sales and service elements in order to bring margins back in alignment, and buyers will accelerate limiting the sales person’s ability to influence their larger organization). 


General 12/22/2019

Happy Holidays!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year! 

News 10/12/2019

Driving Revenue While Developing People, as seen in LTEN FOCUS Magazine

Imagine a world in which you can prove that you are driving revenue while developing people.

By Dustin Talbot and Todd Zaugg


News 10/4/2019

Want More Sales? Try This Workforce Optimization Algorithm!, as seen in Forbes Magazine

Recently, our CEO, Todd Zaugg was interviewed and featured in a Forbes Magazine article. Todd made it clear that optimizing your workforce is a vital component to maximizing your sales. So much so, that he actually created a workforce optimization algorithm that he believes all companies should follow. It was so interesting to me, that the author of the article had to share it with all of you. 


Blog 8/23/2019

The Number-One Reason We Lose Deals

Excerpt from “Warrior Sales Monk: Heart of a Warrior, Soul of a Monk, Mind of a Professional” authored by Todd Zaugg

WHAT? The common denominator of lost opportunities is that salespeople misinterpret the difference between an internal coach and a champion. When I ask salespeople, “What is a champion?” they respond that is someone who gives you insider information and will stand up and fight for your solution even when you’re not there (including committee meetings). Unfortunately, their definition stops there. The reality is that they have just described a coach, not a champion.

Blog 8/9/2019

Creative Destruction

Excerpt from "Warrior Sales Monk: Heart of a Warrior, Soul of a Monk, Mind of a Professional" authored by Todd Zaugg. 

WHAT? The world and the global marketplace are constantly changing. And they are changing at a dramatic rate. In order to remain competitive and not become a dinosaur, you have to be constantly evaluating how to reinvent yourself (i.e. expand your philosophies, strategies, tactics and skills).

Blog 7/29/2019

The Therapist is In (Listening Skills)

Excerpt from "Warrior Sales Monk: Heart of a Warrior, Soul of a Monk, Mind of a Professional" authored by Todd Zaugg. 

WHAT? In our work as a consulting firm, whenever we discuss listening skills, the majority of salespeople admit that they know that they are not very good at listening. When the topic comes up, they want to know a scientific process for increasing listening skills (and we provide this for you below). 


Blog 7/16/2019

Your Competitive Advantage: Are you ready for The Next Wave?

Blog Post by Todd Zaugg

The demands of today's workplace environment are real and intense.

The Age of the Employee is upon us. Workplace statistics are trending and have arrived at the reality of the following pressure points for companies: war for talent; compressed on-boarding; disengagement; and retention.


News 5/28/2019

Matrix Achievement introduces the patent-pending algorithm: (Matrix Value Index (MVI ™) 

Matrix Achievement Group, LLC, a global leader in sales force effectiveness, is proud to introduce the patent-pending algorithm, Matrix Value Index (MVI).  MVI™ is a statistical calculator that is used to identify pricing discount parameters in order to educate buyers on the total value impact of products and services.

News 5/28/2019

Matrix Achievement Group introduces MX MANAGER

Matrix Achievement Group, LLC, a global leader in sales force effectiveness, is excited to release MX MANAGER™, a new mobile-based platform that provides competency-based manager skills development anytime, anywhere.

News 5/3/2019

The Science of Reviving and Thriving, as seen in LTEN FOCUS Magazine

The demands of today's healthcare sales and workplace environment are real and intense. Do you ever wonder why some sales professionals consistently thrive, while others have intermittent or substandard performance? Do you ever feel that you, your coworkers or others in the sales force are overwhelmed and frazzled to a point it is negatively impacting engagement and performance? 

News 4/12/2019

Matrix Achievement Group Featured on Selling Power's List of Highly Recommended Sales Consultants 2019

Todd Zaugg recently named one of Selling Power Magazine's Recommended Sales Consultants 


News 12/7/2018

The Risks of Candidates Climbing Back Down the Corporate Ladder

It's always exciting when our CEO, Todd Zaugg is interviewed for an article in a renowned publication. Recently, he was interviewed for a story in titled, "The Risks of Candidates Climbing Back Down the Corporate Ladder."

News 11/2/2018

Want to Sell More, Keep Your Mouth Shut

Recently, our CEO, Todd Zaugg was interviewed for an article in Forbes called "Want to Sell More, Keep Your Mouth Shut." He explained that sales people miss the opportunity to be more effective, as they think their job is to “uncover needs” and went on to share about the human decision making process. 

News 3/9/2018

The Neuroscience of Negotiation: 3 Steps to Increased Competency  

Our CEO, Todd Zaugg, penned a feature article for LTEN’s Focus on Training Magazine, and shared his insight on the importance of understanding the Neuroscience of Negotiations for success in sales training. The strength of this skill set is often overestimated, yet it is critical for unleashing sales performance.

Blog 2/14/2018

Sales and Leadership Lessons from J.C. Hall

Since today is often called a "Hallmark Holiday," we thought we'd take a look at the man behind the brand that's powerful enough to create and sustain an $18+ billion holiday! We love the story of how J.C. Hall built his company from door-to-door sales from a shoe box into the empire that it is today. Many of the lessons gleaned from his amazing journey align with our philosophy at Matrix and we hope you feel encouraged and inspired by his story too! 

News 9/26/2017

Matrix Achievement Group Announces the Addition of Neuroscience: Best Presenter™ to Their Robust Suite of Services

Matrix Achievement Group, LLC, a global leader in sales force effectiveness, announces the addition of Neuroscience: The Best Presenter™ to their comprehensive portfolio of assessments, live training, and mobile solutions. 




News 5/10/2017

5 Sales Leadership Tips That Help Inspire People To Drive Results 

Training more than 40,000 learners, from some of the biggest brands on the plant, has given our CEO Todd Zaugg a level of expertise that few can match. He recently shared his top leadership tips for inspiring sales performance with Forbes.

Blog 3/31/2017

eLearning Benefits the Individual, Team and Company

Often in sales, training takes place primarily during the on-boarding process. However, in an industry where the product, delivery, technology and process are always changing, companies must find ways to provide continuous training - conveniently and inexpensively.

News 3/17/2017

A Training Expert's Perspective: A Q&A with Todd Zaugg

Successful training hinges on trainee engagement. Training professionals must work to ensure that trainees are relating to and engaging with powerful materials. This builds confidence and boosts retention throughout the training process. Thanks to Q1 Productions for interviewing our CEO and featuring him in this piece. Read more about his insights on engaging training audiences, here.

News 3/7/2017

The Role of Curiosity in Sales

Are you asking the right questions? Curiosity is vital to success in this industry because you want a team of people who will go the extra mile to know their clients, as well as the industry competition, who completely understand the product they are representing and the benefits it offers, all while constantly learning and re-examining their strategy.

News 3/28/2016

Allego Announces Strategic Partnership with Matrix Achievement Group to Deliver Mobile Video Coaching to Sales Teams

Global Sales Consulting Firm Leverages Allego Technology to Deliver Just-In-Time Sales Enablement and Training Solutions to Clients

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